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The Writers' Bookshelf 24 Nov 2020 

Featuring the golden voice of David Driver reading Jessie Summerhayes When Did We All Turn Green, Tia Duff Together, Ray Hearne Thank You Please, Anna Thornton Weaving

Writers' Bookshelf 24th November
00:00 / 08:27
Writers Bookshelf 17th November
00:00 / 09:23

The Writers' Bookshelf 10 Nov 2020 

David Driver reads from Viral Verses. Featuring:

Granville D Clarke Days and Trials of Fibrillation, Cyang Stifano The Wind, Jessie Summerhayes The Weeping, Paul Thwaites High Numbers, Amber Hawkins Listen for A Tweet and Joe Solo She is my Fighter Pilot.

10th November 2020
00:00 / 16:38

The Writers' Bookshelf 03 Nov 2020 

David Driver reads from Viral Verses and features Lynda Rose Morgan, Chloe D'Arcy's Drive-By Lives and Jenny Knight's Ode to Nigella. 

3rd November 2020
00:00 / 09:48

The Writers' Bookshelf 20 Oct 2020 

David Driver reads from Viral Verses and features Alice Manning, Lynda Rose Morgan, Sophie Lutkin, Ellen Waters and John Law. 

20th October 2020
00:00 / 09:55

Latest TV presenter Yael Breuer talks to poet Jenny Knight who reads from Viral Verses.


The Roots and Acoustic Music Show

Presenter Jonti Willis chats with Editor Stephen Linstead and Designer Bryan Ledgard about Viral Verses, and plays many great music tracks from some of the book's contributors.

18th October 2020 Part 1
00:00 / 30:32
18th October 2020 Part 2
00:00 / 26:19

First broadcast on Sunday 18 October, repeated Tuesday 20 October 2020.

Visit SINE fm Roots and Acoustic Show here

The Writers' Bookshelf 13 Oct 2020 

David Driver reads from Viral Verses and features Lee Baskerville, Stephen Linstead, Ellen Waters, Aidan Quigley and more. 

13th October 2020
00:00 / 28:14

The Writers' Bookshelf  6 Oct 2020  

David Driver talks about Viral Verses and features Joe Solo, Pamela Leadbetter, Alice Manning, Rachel Feldberg and Gareth Griffith.

6th October 2020. edit
00:00 / 10:27

The Writers' Bookshelf  29 Sept 2020 

David Driver chats to author and columnist Milly Johnson about poetry and Viral Verses featuring work by Sophie Norton, David Weir, Carina Riley, John Law, Isabel Head, Roseanna Kettle, Eth Holmes, Lynda Rose Morgan, Chloe D'Arcy, David Driver and Rosemary Evans

29th Sept 2020 part 1
00:00 / 12:53
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Radio Leeds' Sunday Afternoon

with Liz Green

Editor Stephen Linstead talks about Viral Verses. Rachel Feldberg, poet, writer and former Artistic Director of the Ilkley Literature Festival, and who appears in the book, also joins in.

First broadcast on 4 October 2020Listen again here.

BBC Sunday Afternoon
00:00 / 17:13
29th Sept 2020 part 2
00:00 / 27:50

The Writers' Bookshelf 22 Sept 2020 

David Driver chats to the editor of Viral Verses Stephen Linstead about the poetry project. 

All shows available to listen again here.

22nd Sept 2020
00:00 / 38:36
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